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About Us

We are a small team of foodies who have been in the food business for decades. Our Head Chef, a vegetarian turned vegan, is very passionate about exploring and bringing to the market new vegan dishes from various cuisines around the world. 


In his food quest whilst travelling, he mainly came across vegan dishes which were alternatives to either originally vegetarian or meat-based. For instance, A vegan burger which tastes just like a regular meat burger. According to him, such alternative choices in the market did not meet the wider based concept of Veganism.

This inspired him to spread the love and taste of real vegetables and plant-based ingredients through his food! This is how Veva Vegan came to life.

Our menu as of now mostly comprises of Indian dishes where the sattvic diet exists since antiquity. Sattvic diet is high fibre, low-fat vegetarian diet that’s based on ayurvedic and yogic principles.


Drawing inspiration from various forms of diets, health and environment-oriented, we have come up with our Special Veva Vegan menu. Give it a try; we promise you won’t be disappointed.


“Vegan for a reason – Be part of the Vegan revolution”

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